Our Cape Town office recently visited Salt Orchard, Salt River's newest bustling development, for an out-of-office team-building excursion at Food Jams... Where the only thing better than the food, was fun!

Hosted by Masterchef South Africa's Season One top ten finalist Jade De Waal, you are welcomed into a creative space where the only rule is to have fun and bond through food. We were randomly split into teams before being given a set of ingredients and a recipe - which turned out to be more of a guideline - to prepare the various portions of our meal. Before long, the beverages were flowing, the music was pumping, and the atmosphere was vibrant, fun and creative! The afternoon was finished off with us swapping stories and dishes as we sat down to a well-deserved and, if I say so myself, well-prepared meal.

The location of Food Jams, at Salt Orchard in Salt River, is ideal in that it is surrounded by a variety of unique spaces ranging from office to retail. Besides being beautifully designed with double volume spaces, exposed teak trusses and polished concrete floors, the development is equipped with solar power generation and a rain water harvesting system.

I took a little stroll down the cobbled walkways, connecting the Salt Orchard buildings, to get a feel for the other tenants in the area. Trendy, modern and functional was my first impression, here's a selection to give you an idea of what to expect: Hot Pod Yoga is a one of a kind yoga studio, set inside an inflatable 20-person pod and heated to 37 degrees Celsius, offering the ultimate relaxation and escape. Dando Coffee admits to being a little obsessed when it comes to the perfect cup of coffee, which is an obsession I can (and did) appreciate! JPN is a concept store offering all things Japanese with a focus on the craftmanship, quality and durability. Some items are traditional while others are contemporary. Other exciting tenants include the Italian cheese factory, Madam'e baker, Elite 100 gym, Fire and smoke, Table Seven, Shackleton brewery, Knysna Oyster company, Ounce boxing studio, Sportopia Cycles, Sepial Deli to name but a few.

I can't wait to visit Jade and her amazing team at Food Jams again for another great jamming session. Perhaps next time I'll start with some yoga and a coffee in readiness for the culinary craziness to follow!