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Consani Industrial Park

Elsies River Industrial, Goodwood view

Consani Industrial Park: Your Established Hub for Warehousing and Distribution in Cape Town

Consani Industrial Park, operational since 1964, is a well-known industrial precinct strategically located in Elsies River, Cape Town. Here's what makes it a compelling location for your business:

Central Location and Easy Access:

Situated in Elsies River, Consani Industrial Park boasts convenient access to major routes like the N1 and R300 highways. This central location allows for efficient distribution of goods throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas. Its proximity to the Northern Suburbs makes it ideal for businesses catering to clients in that area. Variety of Warehousing Options:

Consani Industrial Park offers a diverse range of warehousing units in various sizes, catering to businesses with different storage requirements. This allows you to find the perfect fit, whether you need a small space for initial operations or a large warehouse for extensive inventory. Modern Amenities and Security:

The park features A-Grade warehouses with features like high eaves, ample natural light, and potentially dock levellers for efficient loading and unloading. Security is a priority at Consani Industrial Park, with measures like 24/7 access control.

Additional Perks:

While amenities may vary by unit, some warehouses at Consani Industrial Park may offer additional benefits to enhance your operations. This could include:

Three-phase power: Essential for running industrial machinery and equipment. Dedicated yard space: Provides additional storage or maneuvering space for large vehicles.

Consani Industrial Park offers a strategic location, modern amenities, and a secure environment for your warehousing and distribution operations to thrive.