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Berea, Durban

Berea, Durban view

Berea, majestically perched above the bustling port city of Durban, presents a delightful juxtaposition of colonial charm and modern urbanity. Strategically positioned with primary access from the N3 and several arterial roads leading into the city centre, Berea stands as a beacon of elevated living and commercial vitality. While its tree-lined avenues and historical landmarks echo its storied past, Berea also boasts a myriad of commercial and industrial properties for sale and to let. From upscale boutiques and eateries that cater to its discerning residents, to prime office spaces with panoramic views of the harbour and city below, Berea is a magnet for investors and businesses seeking both heritage and opportunity. As the suburb seamlessly fuses its rich history with a dynamic present, Berea continues to be a crown jewel in Durban's metropolitan landscape.

Swindon Property operates throughout the area in commercial and industrial properties for sale or rent, contact us to discuss your property needs.