Operating under the umbrella of Swindon Property is an accredited
valuations division.
This division is managed by Professional
Valuer Jill Coetzee (MIVSA) who has over
17 years of valuations experience in all
facets of valuations.
These include the Valuation of:
  • Commercial & Industrial Properties (Vacant and improved)
  • Single & General Residential Properties (Vacant and improved)
  • Agricultural Properties (Vacant and improved)
  • Specialized Properties – Hotels & Guest Houses, Petrol Stations, Private Schools
Purpose of Valuation:
  • Municipal rates Objections
  • Finance applications
  • Tax advisory
  • Insurance
  • Annual report
Valuation Fees 2018

For a fully motivated objective valuation that provides:

Full description of Subject Property (registered description, zoning, building parameters, current description, area logistics etc)
Collection and analysis of sales / rentals of similar properties in the area
Property compared to sales transactions with regards to rate/m2 and yield
Value derived and motivated based on the above market research
Who can assist me
with this?

Swindon has a team of qualified valuers who provide a comprehensive report - making sure you are an informed buyer or seller.

Contact us on the details below to start the process.

Commercial Fee
(Excluding VAT)
  • R4,500 for properties under R3 million
  • R7,500 for properties between R3 million and R5 million
  • R12,500 for properties between R5 million and R10 million
  • Above R10 million or multiple properties are individually quoted
Residential Fee
(Excluding VAT)
  • R3,500 for properties under R3 million
  • R5,000 for properties between R3 million and R10 million
  • Properties above R10 million are individually quoted
Have your property at your fingertips.

Swindon Property Services not only provides a comprehensive team comprising of professional commercial brokers, architect
and valuation services, we would like to assist you in knowing your property better.

The following sites can assist you in this regard.
Surveyor General Diagram

What can you see on this SG Diagram?

The legal property description.
The extent.
The co-ordinates of the boundaries.
The length of the boundaries.
Shape of your property.
Property description of abutting properties.
Servitude areas, if any.

Find Your Property
Zoning (Cape Peninsula)

This site enables you to zoom in on any area within the Cape
Peninsula and see the relevant zoning. It should be noted
that some areas, especially in the CBD and periphery have
“overlays”, which are considered an extension to the zoning
reflected on this site.

Find Your Property
Municipal Valuation
How are your monthly rates and taxes calculated?

Your property can be searched under the following fields:

Property Reference

Which has the prefix consisting of the following CCT/ TYG/ HEL / OOS/ BLW depending on the location of your property.

Erf No.

Which is the property number.


Which is the farm number and/or portion number.

Site Address

Which is the street address.

Sectional Title

Which is the scheme name.

Find Your Property

Once you have identified your property, you will see your municipal valuation reflected. Properties that are indicated as rebated receive a rebate of R200,000. Properties that are indicated as non-rebated do not receive this reduction.

How to calculate rates and taxes payable?

For the financial year 01 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
the following factors (cents in the Rand) apply:

Residential – 0.006717
Commercial/ Industrial/ Vacant Land – 0.013434

Residential property with a valuation of R2,000,000

R2,000,000 less R200,000 = R1,800,000 x 0.006717 =
R12,090.60 per annum and divided by 12 = R1,007.55
average per month.

Commercial/Industrial/ Vacant property with a valuation
of R2,000,000

R2,000,000 x 0.013434 = R26,868 per annum and divided
by 12 = R2,239.00 average per month.

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Should you need any further assistance knowing your property, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist with, letting, selling, confirming
rentable areas, drawing plans for further extensions/redevelopment and valuations.