How to unlock the full value of assets with Swindon's SMART Property Management service

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Insider advice by Leigh Maingard, Head of Property Management at Swindon Property.

What are some of the practical ways in which property management unlocks the value of assets?

Effective property management minimises property expenses and overheads by ensuring the recovery of all eligible expenses from tenants. Further, it maximises the attractiveness of a property by ensuring regular maintenance and upkeep is carried out in accordance with a pro-active, long-term maintenanceplan.

It may also include the investigation of alternative revenue streams, for example with external signage or by creating additional opportunity for rental income where existing space is underutilised.

What does SMART property management entail?

SMARTpropertymanagementisaboutseekingoutwaystoimprove the performance of properties and grow the value of these assets. It involves property managers and landlords working together to minimise expenses and to maximise income and returns. Further, it meanskeepingtenants'contentandenhancingtheirexperiencewith a view of maintaining long-termoccupants.

Who would benefit from property management services?

These management services are the ideal solution for private landlords. private property syndications or property funds who would rather focus their attention on growing their portfolios and leave the administration of their properties in the hands of a professional.

When it comes to looking at whether property management is more beneficialfor thelandlordor'sreallya win-winsituation. Landlords reap the rewards of better performing assets with higher returnsandlong-term valuecreation,whereastenantscanexpecta well-maintainedpropertythataddsvaluetotheirownbusiness.

What should a property management company offer its clients?

When looking for a company to assist you with your property management requirements. you want to be sure that they have experience in and an excellent understanding of the industry. The company must be aware of the latest industry-related trends and be in step with these.

They should have the proven ability to negotiate successfully with new and existing tenants on behalf of landlords and have excellent administrative abilities and systems in place. Access to and knowledge of industry-related resources will assist with any technical issues that may arise. You can rest assured that Swindon Property ticks all of theseboxes.

What makes Swindon Property's property management services unique?

We, at Swindon Property, believe in the value of building strong relationshipswithclients- bothlandlordsandtenants.We'reforward thinking and strategic in our approach to maintenance and capital expenditure. We continuously focus our efforts on minimising any vacancies in properties and increasing tenant retention to maximise rentalincomeandaddvaluetoassets.

We further offer our clients access to services such as valuations for insurance purposes or market value assessment and floor plan measurements for letting and sales purposes. We're driven by our aim of ensuring that our clients get the most out of their assets.

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