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Seed Co, the leading producer and marketer of certified crop seeds in Southern Africa, now enjoys 537m² of prime office space in this brand-new development. Swindon Gauteng has recently concluded a five-year lease with Seed Co in the sought-after 11 Alice Lane. 

Sandton is home to some of South Africa’s most luxurious properties and 11 Alice Lane is one of the city’s most exciting new developments. This striking architectural achievement is located just off of 5th street, near to the Sandton Shopping Centre. The incredible contemporary building has a patio, restaurants, and an auditorium for tenants to rent when needed.

The influential agricultural company Seed Co, which has been working in Africa for 75 years, was looking for a prominent office location in Sandton with the help of our areas specialist Jacky Davis.

For more information or to arrange a viewing, contact Jacky on 082 937 4654.

Author: Justine Lombard

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Sandton, Gauteng

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