Sunbeam Pre School Facing Closure - Urgent

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The Orphan Care Foundation, responsible for assisting 51 vulnerable children and orphans in the Westlake Village in the southern suburbs of Cape Town is helping to re-build the Sunbeam pre-school which is being threatened with closure due to non-compliance with the health & safety regulations set out by the Department of Social Development.

Swindon Property has made a sizable donation towards the re-build of SunBeam pre-school and is urgently appealing to all property companies and our local community to help raise the additional funds to re-build a larger, safer, fire-retardent pre-school for 39 children who will be left without a safe haven if the school is closed down.

Only *R63000* left to raise and then we can start building!

If you are able to help donate cash towards re-building Sunbeam pre-school, you can do so via EFT or Credit Card. Please use reference, Surname / Sunbeam for our records.

To make a donation and help re-build Sunbeam:

BANK: ABSA bank Tokai – Cape Town

ACCOUNT NAME: Orphan Care Foundation

ACCOUNT NO: 9213623189


Orphan Care Foundation is a registered PBO and all donations can receive a section 18 Tax certificate.

(PBO) no: 930031412 (NPO) no: 075-214

To get involved please contact Justine on 021 422 0778


Charging a mere R200 per child per month and often accepting far less if the parents cannot afford to pay the full amount, Shanel often feeds the children in her care out of her own pocket and has provided sleeping facilities for 5 children whose parents work night shift. The children in her care are beautifully looked after and happy – this is testament to Shanel’s passion for the well-being of the children in her care.

“We cannot afford for this pre-school to be closed and for these children to be placed on the street. This is their only option as the other pre-schools in Westlake Village  are full to capacity and not nearly as beautifully run as Sunbeam says Ursula Forrest, CEO of the Orphan Care Foundation”

Author: Justine Lombard

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